CDART consists entirely of volunteers

There are many volunteer opportunities with CDART as shown below.  Persons who wish to respond during a disaster are required to have some cross-training with their provincial Emergency Social Services (ESS) in addition to their CDART-specific training courses. Find out more about training!

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer position opportunities available within CDART year-round, during non-disaster times as well as during disasters and emergencies.  We offer something for everyone, whether you are able to donate a little or a lot of your time. Every skill set and gift has a place here with us!

During non-disaster times

Some of our volunteer opportunities include:

Recording Secretary * Archivists * Foster Coordinators * Foster Home Inspectors * Supplier Liaisons * Training Coordinators * Trainers * Volunteer Coordinators * (volunteer care and communications) * Volunteer Administrators *
Marketing and Communications * Content Writing * Fundraising Committee *
Grant Application Research * Grant Proposal Writing * Procurement *
Inventory Management * Charity Tin Runners * and many more positions

We also need volunteers to participate in public education and awareness events, fundraisers, etc. 

If you are interested in helping us out in any of these positions, please email volunteering@cdart.org!

During disaster times

Some of the volunteer positions include:

Search & Rescue
  • Procurement
  • Donations
  • Lost/Found Information
  • Carpenter/Electrician/Plumber
  • Communications
  • Archivist
  • Errand Runner
  • Handy Person
  • Janitor/Grounds person
  • Let's Go Home team
  • Safety Officer
  • Security Personnel
  • Sanitation Person


  • Training Development
  • Liaison


  • Admin. Mapping
  • Evacuation Team
  • Maintenance Team
  • Cat Trapping Team
  • Mortality Team