Sponsor a Pen for the Croc Bunnies

The Croc Bunnies were in need of a home of their own since the summer of 2010 as they were borrowing a pen at a local Sanctuary temporarily. In the early spring of 2011, the sanctuary was making plans to build new pens for all of their rabbits as the old ones had been built as temporary structures and were developing issues such as roof leaks and rusting wire.

When the pens were being planned a space was offered to CDART and the Croc Bunnies to build their own pen and be permanent residents of the sanctuary they were visiting. Plans were made and the construction of the building started in May 2012. Thanks to many long hours put in by volunteers, the pen was completed and the Bunnies moved in the beginning of July 2012!

The new pen is spacious, has a tin roof to prevent leaks, and has a wonderful grassy run where in the summer the bunnies can lounge in the sun, nibble orchard grass to their hearts content and dig dig dig in the dirt.

Fundraising Thermometer

Sponsor the Pen

Although the earthwork, land and labor to erect the pen were all donated, the materials added up quickly. Now that the long hours building the pen have come to an end and the bunnies are moved in we are turning our focus to paying for the pen.

Please help us by making a donation and watching the thermometer rise!

Make a one time donation through Paypal to help pay for the pen: