Fruit Pies for Sale

In 2011, CDART Okanagan chapter's volunteer Sandee Kristensen of Whiskers and Woofers discovered an abundance of Saskatoon berries on her property and decided to try them out in some homemade pies to raise funds for CDART. Well, those pies sold like gangbusters and due to popular demand, are now available every year! In 2014, Sandee added several different flavours to the mix. She has also been handed the reins from Reg McBride and her team, for the making of our annual apple pies.

This year for 2015, CDART is now offering Peach/Apricot pies, Peach pies, Blueberry Pies, a limited run of Saskatoon Berry pies (berries were hard to come by this year) and of course apple pies.

Pies come frozen, unbaked. They are now available, with the exception of apple, available in October/November. If you would like to order some delicious pies for yourself and help our great cause, contact Sandee!

To order: Email or call 250-768-5575
Flavours Remaining Size and Prices
 6" pies for $6/ea
8" pies for $10/ea

100% of the proceeds from pie sales designated to CDART goes towards supplies for rescuing and care of animals from disasters and emergencies.

Can't you just taste them already? MMMmmmm...


Click below if you need to download an order form

CDART pies order form 2015


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