Equine Emergency Care and Handling Seminar

On Saturday, November 1st, 2014, participants gathered at the Old Friends Canada horse property for CDART's Equine Emergency Care & Handling Course.  Instructor Lorraine Pelletier Andres kept everybody on their toes, from horse novices to long-in-the-tooth horse people, refreshing themselves on equine emergency care.
The course covered horse documentation for the horse owner/guardian as well as CDART responders, disaster preparedness, equine psychology, horse anatomy, diseases/conditions, diet, body scores and basic first aid.  The class learned how to check for vitals and broke off into different labs with the full cooperation of some of the horses from Old Friends Canada.  They had a great time with bandaging and finished off the day with different techniques available for loading horses.
To their horror, participants were required to complete an exam.  Well done, everybody!

Cheyenne the mule gets her hoof cleaned out by Sophie

Pelletier Andres instructs student Doris on capillary refill to check for circulation

Durance adjusts a stable bandage on Rafferty


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