PSA: Don't Leave Pets in the Vehicle!


June 28, 2013 - Summer is here and the weather is getting hot. Leaving your dogs—or any pets—in the car is dangerous.

Please, be kind and leave them at home where they have shade and water.

If you find an animal locked in a hot car

Immediate action is imperative. Contact your local police and animal control officers right away. Because animals are considered property, it is against the law for private citizens to break into a vehicle to save an animal’s life.

Just a few minutes in a car, even if it is in the shade and the windows are cracked open, can be deadly.

What to look for

Signs of heat stroke include:

As shock sets in, the lips and mucous membranes turn gray.  Collapse, seizures, coma, and death rapidly follow.

What to do once the animal is removed from the vehicle

The animal should immediately be placed in the shade and doused with cool (not cold) water. Get the animal to a veterinarian immediately.




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