New Croc Bunny Sponsorship Program

February 11, 2011 - CDART is starting a new sponsorship program to help cover the ongoing costs of rescued bunnies in our care!

A Croc BunnyThe Story of the "Croc Bunnies"

CDART Volunteers visited the CrocTalk facility during the Summer of 2010 to learn how to safely evacuate CrocTalk animals during a disaster. While there, the volunteers noticed an abundance of Rabbits and Guinea Pigs in a makeshift pen. CrocTalk’s Doug Illman explained that 4 Rabbits were dropped off as a gift of food for the crocodilians, but that he didn’t have the heart to use them as food. His Bunny population quickly grew in size and unable to deal with them he took the opportunity to request some help from CDART.

Saving lagomorphs in non-emergencies is not what the CDART team is used to doing. However, based on the experience of the volunteer team, and with the additional help of the experienced TRACS volunteers, they quickly stepped up and devloped a plan of action.
All the Bunnies were examined, treated for bad cases of earmites, and spayed and neutered by an exotic animal veterinarian. Once fully recovered, all bunnies were moved to a temporary pen at one of the TRACS rabbit sanctuaries to live a life without danger of being fed to Crocodiles.

The Rabbits are a special breed, being a smaller variety of the Flemish Giant, which can grow up to weigh as much as 22 lbs. The “Croc Bunnies”, as they have been named, are already tipping the scales at close to 12lbs and are just 8 months old. Because of their size and extra care needed in handling, they are not popular for adoptions.

The costs for food, shelter and veterinarian costs all add up quickly and are all covered through fundraising.

The Croc Bunnies also need a home of their own as they are currently borrowing a pen. A plan to build them a new pen is in the works and your help could help make this a reality in the Spring of 2011.


Sponsor a Bunny monthly
by sending postdated cheques, a lump sum for the number of months you would like to sponsor, or by using Paypal. All sponsors will receive a picture of their Bunny so please indicate if you would like your photo via mail or email.

$10 per month

Provides pellets,
Timothy Hay & Straw
for one bunny
$15 per month

Provides pellets,
Timothy Hay, Straw, &
pen maintenance
for one bunny
$20 per month

Provides pellets,
Timothy Hay, Straw,
pen maintenance & veterinary costs
for one bunny

New Croc Pen
Make a donation to help pay for the Croc Bunnies' new permanent pen by making a notation of “Croc Pen” on the sponsorship form. You can also donate through Paypal on our bunny pen sponsorship page.

Move forward to meet our delightful Croc Bunnies and please help our Gentle Giants lead a happy healthy life by sponsoring one today!

Croc Bunnies at the carrot buffet

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