In order to support our costs of helping animals in times of disaster, we are always seeking unique and fun opportunities for fundraising.



Every December in Penticton, CDART holds a cookie sale which we call the Cookie Walk.

Volunteers bake many assorted varieties of cookies which buyers can select and mix and pay for by the pound/kilogram.  This fundraiser has proven to be extremely popular and has now become a tradition amongst many followers.

Click here for information on the 2015 cookie walk!


ResQWalkResQwalk (pronounced "rescue walk") is a mobile app, available for iPhone and Android, that enables you to raise money for CDART animal rescue and earn prizes every time you go for a walk!

Basically, you:

  • Install the ResQwalk app on your phone,
    • set up your account, and
    • choose 'Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team' from the list of available animal charities under “My Rescues”
  • Whenever you go for a walk, just start the app, and click "Start Walk"

Every step you take is counted towards CDART’s share of an available pool of money (updated weekly) from ResQwalk that is divided among all of their participating animal charities. The more you walk, the greater percentage of the money from the pool gets donated to CDART!


Croc Bunny Sponsorship Program

We started a bunny sponsorship program where donors can "adopt" a rescued bunny to support! This helps us to cover the costs of items such as hay, straw, pen maintenance and veterinary costs for the bunnies in our care. People can donate monthly or do a one-time donation either offline, or online securely through Paypal. Each donor will receive a picture of the bunny they choose to sponsor! Click here to see our list of bunnies available to sponsor, or read the story of how these bunnies came to be in our care.


Fruit Pie Sales

CDART's Okanagan chapter bakes and sells many assorted fruit pies in the summer, and apple pies in the fall, to raise money for purchasing supplies to help care for animals during and after emergencies and disasters.